In Kahoots

Freshmen hit the ground running at the Student Convocation on Aug. 14.

The day started out with speeches from different teachers and department heads.

To first-year student Noah Fabris, one teacher stuck out in particular: “There was a political science teacher, Amanda Cook-Fesperman], that I really enjoyed. And she spoke about being good people in this world… If I had her
as a teacher, I think she’d be a pretty good one.”

And after the speeches, the students were whisked away with teachers, who would answer their questions.Again, Fesperman stood out to students.

Freshman Sam Everett recalled, “It was very informational and… Amanda cut right to the point. And she was… very aware of what questions we might have. And she answered them very thoroughly.”

Later on, students partook in games of Kahoot, the popular quiz website and app. Students were challenged to answer questions about important skills needed to succeed at IVCC. Topics included the difference between a drop and a withdraw, where to go to register a vehicle and where to find the Learning Commons.

Finally, the day with capped off with lunch catered by DeMilio’s, and students were left to roam the school and learn more about IVCC in a free-form, unstructured way on their own