Women of IVCC highlighted in presentation


IV Leader photo

A student gives her experiences as a woman at IVCC during English instructor Nora Villarreal’s presentation.

Nora Villarreal, English instructor and Writing Center Director, presented on women in IVCC throughout the years on April 18 from noon to 1 p.m. in C-316.

The room was nearly full at the start and gradually grew with latecomers. Villarreal began by thanking all the people who helped and made the event possible.

She had prepared a video using IVCC yearbooks as far back as 1926, showing the women who taught and were students and some of the things they had accomplished. She also incorporated profiles of current and past IVCC faculty, staff, and students who shared the difficulties they faced, what they were proud of, who influenced them and some words of advice.

After the video portion was finished, there was a large group discussion, where audience members shared aspects of their lives.

One person talked about how blessed she was to have mentors throughout her entire life.

Another person talked about how every obstacle is an opportunity.

Villarreal told her college story, sharing how she faced her challenges and encouraging others to fulfill their own potential. The audience gave her their full attention and respect. 

To see the video that was made, see Nora Villarreal’s faculty page through the IVCC website.