Sith down for this one—Edgcomb won in less than 12 parsecs


Martha Hoffman

Sith down for this one—

On April 18, MIMIC (Making Industry Meaningful In College) had their 23rd Annual MIMIC Fair in the hall near the cafeteria.

This year, they had many original items for sale. This includes the “Torch-nado,” a tabletop fire feature that uses physics to create a swirling flame and Bluetooth-enabled lamp with built-in speaker.

Arguably, the most anticipated item of the day was the “Star Wars” themed chess table.

The top is the Millennium Falcon—Han Solo’s ship, the base is a Tie-Fighter—the ships used by the Sith for battle, and the adjustable feet of the table look like the feet from the At-At Walkers from “Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back” (1980).

Even the chess pieces are Star Wars characters divided into The Light Side and The Dark Side! The King and Queen sets are Princess Leia and Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader and Empire Palpatine from the original trilogy.

This table was made and designed by Travis Mclaughlin, a former MIMIC lab assistant and student. Each year, he comes back to assist current students with projects.

Dorene Data, Computer Aided Design instructor here at IVCC and one of the original founders of MIMIC, said that over 200 tickets were sold for the Star Wars table. They raised over $600 for the student group.

All the proceeds go into their student organization account and will help fund future projects and trips. With such a high profit, the group is discussing a possible charitable donation to help give back to the community.

Kellsie Edgcomb (yes, me!) was the lucky winner of the Star Wars table! I could not be more thrilled to take home this table! I have been a huge Star Wars fan since I watched the first film as a child.

My dad actually had to critique the film for a class he was taking here at IVCC back in the early 2000s. Winning this table at IVCC comes full circle and makes the item even more meaningful to me.

I know I made many people envious: Dorene Data told me that one person spent over $100 on raffle tickets trying to take this one-of-a-kind piece home with them, but I am here to say I am very grateful and will love this chess set very much!

I only spent $20 on my six raffle tickets and knew that even if I didn’t win, the money was going to a good place.

Additionally, I told Dorene that I was thankful that this was a raffle item, not a silent auction or an item for sale. Being a raffle means students on a budget, like myself, have an equal chance of winning such an amazing item.

Thank you to all of the MIMIC students and to you Star Wars fans that also spent some of your lunch money on raffle tickets, rest assured that I, “Millennial Falcon,” (see my roller derby article) will give this table a great home.

P.S. I will 100 percent be learning chess this summer!