Woods segues into financial aid role


Akari Oya

Helping others Amy Woods is IVCC’s new financial aid advisor. She started in her new role in January.

Hannah Uranich, Staff Writer

Amy Woods is not just an average IVCC employee. She is a diverse person who is a mother and a sports fan, enjoys hiking, baking, running, and in January 2018 became the new financial aid advisor for the college.

Today, one of the most important issues for students enrolling in college is wanting to know what kind of financial aid and financial aid services they can receive.

As the financial aid advisor, Woods deals with these kinds of questions on a day-to-day basis. The financial aid advisor administers the student financial aid—this includes federal and state grants, student loans, federal work study, and scholarships.

“As I am learning,” said Woods, “this is a pretty involved process.”

This process begins by students submitting their FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and then the government determines the student’s financial aid eligibility. After this is done, IVCC requests and collects other additional required documentation. Finally, after all the information is gathered and put together, the financial aid office then determines student aid awards.

Woods also mentions that job deals with various other duties such as utilizing multiple computer programs, responding to student inquiries, and learning and understanding the laws and regulations regarding financial aid.

On a personal level, Woods is married with three children and spends a lot of her free time at her children’s sporting games and school events.

She also is a big fan of the Chicago Bears, the Chicago Bulls, and the Chicago White Sox. However, she does add half-jokingly that [as a fan of these teams] “The last few years have been rough.”

On a professional level, before obtaining the new title of financial aid advisor, Woods worked in the Assessment Center at IVCC for the past six years.

Woods has advice for students when handling financial aid and financial aid services.

“File your FAFSA early and don’t be afraid to come in and questions if you are unsure of something,” she said.

Patty Williamson, the Financial Aid Director, says that a “Financial Aid Counselor needs to have a passion for helping students meet their educational goals. The position requires someone who is detailed oriented because of all the federal and state regulations.”

When asked why Woods was chosen for the advisor position, Williamson says Woods has proven experience and enjoys working with students.

Williamson also adds that Woods, “is definitely use to multi-tasking and verifying information.”

Williamson also says that the financial aid office takes a “team approach” to helping students get through the financial aid process, and that

“Amy’s calm demeanor, attention to details, and caring attitude make her a perfect addition to the office.”

IVCC’s financial aid office, located in the Student Services Center CTC-101 S, is always open to students for help with assistance, advice, and other financial programs.

More information about the financial aid office can be found on IVCC’s website under “Financial Aid.”

“I believe financial aid is important because it provides an opportunity for more students to attend college and achieve their career goals,” said Woods.