Eagle spotlight

Noah Currie


Currie in the shot!

“The friendly attitude of not only the faculty but also the students and classmates I have interacted with has helped me succeed,” IVCC student Noah Currie comments.

He adds that what he likes most about the campus is the unique layout of the building and all the plants that seem to be in every hallway.

Currie is an occasional participant in the IVCC improv group and musicals.

Of recent, his interest has been on snakes, and he found out that all snakes can swim.

When asked about a special project and what it taught him, he talked about a specific one with a test question that everyone had gotten wrong except for one. He just assumed he was among the many who had it wrong.

After checking the results later that week, it turned out he was the only one who had it correct. “What I got from this is to assume the worst had happened,” said Currie.

The fun, clever, weird and charismatic guy wishes to major in communications at a four-year institution.