IVCC’s Sigma Kappa Delta earns Ivy Chapter status


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Sigma Kappa Delta Excels Left to right: IVCC Mu Alpha chapter of Sigma Kappa Delta advisors Dr. Kimberly Radek-Hall and Delores Robinson with Dr. Deborah Anderson, Vice President for Academic Affairs.

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Illinois Valley Community College’s Mu Alpha chapter of Sigma Kappa Delta, the English honor society for two-year colleges, has been named Ivy Chapter for continued service in advancing the mission of SKD and growing and developing its members.
This is the seventh time Mu Alpha has been awarded Ivy Chapter status.

Over 590 students have been inducted into Mu Alpha over 20 years at IVCC. Mu Alpha advisors Dr. Kimberly Radek-Hall and Delores Robinson are proud of the chapter’s accomplishments.

“Our chapter takes pride in how well we fulfill our mission,” Radek-Hall said. We exist to recognize and reward outstanding achievement in English language and literature; provide cultural stimulation and promote interest in English on two-year college campuses and in the communities they serve; foster English in all its aspects, including creative and critical writing; promote good professional interaction among members; and exhibit high standards of academic achievement.

“In the past year, our students have been active in the community and on campus spreading the love of English,” said Radek-Hall.

“We are particularly proud of the program where we partnered with local hospitals to give each infant born a head start on their library by giving them a first book.”

“It’s always a pleasure to work with students accepted for membership in SKD,” said Robinson.

“Past students have found creative and fun ways to promote literacy in their community while also gaining the opportunity to participate in the national conference and writing contests the honor society supports. Our chapter is as strong as it is because of the participation of our students.”