College looks to grow enrollment

IVCC students were enrolled in 28,679 credits as of Aug. 18, a figure that is slightly lower than last year’s.

According to Mark Gryzbowski, Associate Vice President of Student Services, many factors contribute to the overall decrease in enrollment that has occurred in the years since the college’s peak enrollment in 2010.

Since that peak, the number of students in local high school graduating classes has shrunk. In addition, as the number of seniors fall, about 60 percent of high school graduates do not attend a junior college.

However, even with multiple external factors contributing to the general decrease in enrollment, there is still great confidence in reaching certain goals set for this school year.

IVCC, as in the past, continues to spread word of the positive things that students can achieve by continuing their academic career here.

Eva Bennett and Trevor Samolinksi are two freshmen who chose IVCC.

Bennett said IVCC was affordable for her and her family. She said she wants to improve her grades and better prepare herself for a bigger college.

Samolinski said he chose IVCC because he simply was not ready to leave home. He said he enjoys being close to his old friends but making new ones at the same time.