New Director of Nursing takes on new responsibilities

J.Q. Church, Web Manager

IVCC nursing has a new director, Julie Hogue.

Hogue accepted the job to replace Bonnie Campbell, who was recently promoted after four years in her position to become Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Hogue says she never thought about taking over, but she decided to step up: “We really needed a leader,” she explained.
She will be facing some new responsibilities, including budgeting and working with faculty in a new way.

Hogue hopes that she can inspire the faculty to grow and provide the best educational experience they can. She also hopes that she will be able to help stabilize the program.

“I will learn the things I need to learn,” Hogue says with optimism as she settles into her new responsibilities.
Although the Director of Nursing isn’t a teaching position, she still has a few classes this semester. However, she hopes that next fall she can focus on the one job. “Both can be very time consuming!” she says.