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Foundation hosts first Giving Day

Michaela Smith, Staff writer

The IVCC Foundation held its first Giving Day on Thursday, April 6. Giving Day raises money to support the Foundation’s goal to help support students and faculty. The Foundation encouraged students and staff to give back to this cause.

They held activities in the gym, like “Bucks for Baskets,” “Kiss the Pig,” “Pennies for Push-ups” and “Dough for Doughnuts.” All of these activities had IVCC students or staff participating in them, such as IVCC president Jerry Corcoran, freshman Nick Needs and basketball coach Chris Herman. Anyone was able donate money and watch them participate in these activities.

There were social media events such as taking an “Unselfie,” which allowed students to take and post a selfie before April 6, saying that they were planning to donate. Also including hashtags #IVCCGIVINGDAY and #Unselfie. Students and staff were also able to upload a video clip to YouTube talking about why they chose to give. Janice Corrigan says next year she would like more students to get involved in Giving Day, especially on social media.

IVCC’s first Giving Day raised about $23,000. Janice Corrigan, Alumni Coordinator and Foundation Assistant, says the money will be used for IVCC students and staff. For example, if a faculty member needs money for a class project, they will supply the money for them. A lot of the money will also goes towards scholarships and other student needs.