PTK sponsors project

Maddi Loiselle, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Phi Theta Kappa spent the last few months developing a project that will be displayed on campus. The project was led by Arinze Ochuba, the Vice President of Membership. It consisted of 11 different faces with exaggerated characteristics from different cultures and races.

He titled it “One Face,” and the reason for this name is in the artwork. Each face has a variety of colors. However, these colors are still present in other faces too. A Caucasian may have a yellow color, but that same color may be seen in the face of an Asian person as well. This holds the concept that though people may see different colors when they look at another’s face, they find that they also share these colors.

“We reflect these colors and we absorb them, too,” Ochuba says. “These colors don’t clash against each other, however they work together to give the full body of work.”

“One Face” highlights how the diversity of IVCC gives the college its full body of work.

The project will be in a display case in lower E building in the coming weeks.