Honors program advisor wins annual pie contest

Indefinite Limit, the math club, celebrated Pi Day March 14 with free pie in the cafeteria and a “pi”ing contest that involved four different adivisors from clubs.

The “‘Pi’ an Advisor” contest started Pi Day. The winner was annouced the following day. Quintin Overocker, advisor to the Hispanic Leadership Team, Aseret Loveland for Phi Theta Kappa and Dawn Wiggins for Indefinite Limit were contestents, along with winner Adam Oldaker, Honors Program advisor.

The Honors Program advisor, Oldaker, won the event.

For Tuesday and Wednesday, students could buy tickets to decide which advisor would be ‘pi’ed on Thursday, March 16.

The winner was decided on which ticket was pulled.

Honors Program student Chase Oschner was able to throw the pie in his advisor’s face.

“It was really fun,” said Oscher of the experience. “Days like Pi Day allow students and professors to interact other than just in the classroom.”

The money raised from the contest went back to the different clubs involved.