Annual Faculty Excellence award results in a tie

IV Leader, Staff Writers

Jill Urban Bollis, educational psychology, and Promise Yong, chemistry, have been named co-winners of Illinois Valley Community College’s 2017 Stephen Charry Memorial Award for Teaching Excellence and Wendy Lamboley, anatomy and physiology, is the recipient of the Outstanding Part-time Faculty Award.

Urban-Bollis was nominated by two students who noted she challenges students to do their best. One stated, “Mrs. Urban-Bollis shows her interest in education while she is teaching. Her lesson plans are fun and engaging.”

Both students noted Urban-Bollis encourages students to be involved in their community and active citizens. In addition, she prepares students for future employment and provides tips on how to stay organized.

She began teaching at IVCC in 1998, was trained by Phi Delta Kappa to teach its leadership course and most recently developed and taught a multicultural education course. An IVCC alumnus, she earned her bachelor’s in psychology and master’s in human development counseling from the University of Illinois-Springfield.

Yong was nominated by three students who said he teaches real-world lab techniques and ensures they understand exactly how and why they are conducting an experiment, allowing them to master the topic.

The students also said he uses anecdotes to explain why particular procedures are useful in the workforce.

He is willing to debate with his students, agree upon an answer, and then help prove the answer.

One student wrote, “He is the most motivational/caring teacher I have ever had. He teaches his class with so much enthusiasm and is always giving us real-world examples of how chemistry impacts our daily lives, urging us to make positive change and be the best scientists/doctors/teachers possible.”

Yong, who began teaching at IVCC in 2008, received his bachelor’s in chemistry from the University of Buea in Cameroon and doctorate in organic chemistry/photochemistry from the University of North Dakota.

Aside from teaching anatomy and physiology, Lamboley is a guest lecturer for the therapeutic massage program.

She began teaching at IVCC in 2003 and has been chosen to deliver the keynote address at five therapeutic massage commencements.

Lamboley has a bachelor’s in physical therapy from the University of Findlay, Ohio, a master’s in human anatomy and physiology instruction from New York Chiropractic College and a doctorate in physical therapy from Boston University.

After noting how a student having difficulty in class received help from Lamboley, the nominating student said, “To me that is an exceptional instructor to recognize and address our struggles before we even knew we were struggling.”

The student added, “Wendy also came in on off days to help me and my classmates study for an upcoming test and also helped prep us for our state board exam. Her knowledge, love, and enthusiasm of anatomy and physiology was very much appreciated.”

Yong, Urban-Bolis and Lamboley will be recognized at the April 28 employee recognition ceremony.