Meet the Candidates

Rachel Einhaus and Morgan Taylor

With only three positions open and four candidates, this year’s election for board of trustees is expected to be a close race. The four candidates have several ideas that might benefit IVCC. 

At the Meet the Candidates event held at the college March 22, the candidates presented their backgrounds and ideas they have to better the college. Former superintendent of Putnam County schools, Jay McCracken, spoke of his experience working closely with a school budget.   

Another candidate from Putnam County, IVCC alumnus David Mallery, has worked on the Board of Trustees for 12 years and is seeking his third term.  He said he has knowledge about the workings at IVCC and presented detailed research to answer questions.  

Another candidate running is Angela Stevonson, a mother of two, a businesswomen and taxpayer. She is running because she believes that different voices from all backgrounds are needed on the Board of Trustees. Her children Jack and Bridget attend Ottawa High School and will be attending IVCC.  

Francis J. Zeller moved to the Illinois Valley originally intending to be here for only three years, however he fell in love with the Illinois Valley and never left.  

The candidates had similar views on the strengths of the college. Zeller mentioned the success of the nursing program and McCracken believes the school is the “best community college in the state.” 

The lack of state funding and the ability to manage budgets was brought up at the event.  Stevenson believes her personal experience in the business world qualifies her for this position and that she will have a lot to offer in this area.  Mallery believes it is only the trustee’s job to help those in charge of budgeting, not to make the budget itself. He also thinks it would be beneficial to focus on the outcome of past budgets.  

The Candidates were also asked about how vital they believe student support services are to the bottom line of IVCC. Mallery believes that they are very important, because they are what creates the environment to make the students feel welcome.  Zeller, McCracken and Stevenson shared similar answers and feel that they are very important to IVCC.   

Voting will be held on April 4. Call your County Clerk’s office to find where to vote in your area.