Dean of arts announces retirement


Aelsa Butler, Co-Editor-in-Chief

After just over three years as the Dean of Humanities, Fine Arts and Social Sciences, Dr. Brian Holloway announced his retirement.

“I have been in this business a very long time,” Holloway said. “Years and years ago, I promised myself that I would retire when I turned 65.”

He went on to explain that he had several pet projects he had been working on, including several books. But it was over the holidays he decided that he was going to make it happen.

“I spent a lot of time playing with my granddaughter, thinking how great it would be to spend more time doing this,” he said. “So when I came back, I decided I was going to do it.”

His seemingly sudden decision rocked the division.

“I’m sorry to see him leave,” Music Department Head Michael Pecherek admitted. “He’s a real advocate for us and our division.” Pecherek praises Holloway for his commitment to representing the interests of the arts to administration in the face of discouragement.

This didn’t surprise Pecherek, however.

“When we hired him, his interview blew everyone else’s out of the water,” Pecherek remembers, adding that he really understands the value of liberal arts education. “People who want to be educated need something more than just math and science. They need poetry and music—they need imagination. And Dr. Holloway believes that.”

Holloway’s emphasis on the arts and humanities in particular is important to him, as well.

“There’s a great danger in higher education right now to tilt the balance away from things that have been traditionally been very important, and we need to watch out for that,” he said.

His work as a dean speaks to his vigilance in his watch. Over the last three years, Holloway has spearheaded two major efforts to increase the presence of art on IVCC’s campus. The restoration of the Olio curtain was listed by both Pecherek and Holloway as an important contribution to the school under Holloway’s leadership. The other initiative close to Holloway’s heart is the Annual Day of the Arts.

The Annual Day of the Arts occurs every fall, providing musicians, artists and actors at IVCC with the chance to put their work on display for the community.

“That’s another thing I admire about Brian,” Pecherek said “he’s a doer. He doesn’t just tell us ‘do this, do that,’ he takes it on himself and makes it happen.”

Holloway sums up his role at IVCC as taking IVCC’s vision and enabling the faculty to carry it out, as well as taking the ideas of the faculty to administration and helping everyone work together to carry it all out. He does this because he truly believes in the mission of the arts and humanities.

“A career is important,” Holloway points out, “but you will outlive your job. It’s the arts and humanities—the things that make us human—that will stick with you forever.”

There will be a reception for Holloway on March 23 from 1-3pm in the Fireplace Lounge, room B216.