Survey to gain student feedback

Lisa Chounard, Staff Writer

IVCC wants your opinion on how satisfied you are with your college experience, so college officials are planning an emailed survey in March to gather input.
The survey is called the Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction survey. A link to answer questions will be available from March 6-24,
according to Matt Suerth, who heads the college’s Institutional Research office.
“The survey is given every three years,” stated Suerth and the survey has been around since
2004. He said the survey is completely anonymous and the results are vital to the facilitation
of improvements for students and the campus.
Recently Suerth stated, “the survey has been made much more accessible for phones, tablets and
“We feel if it is more accessible, more students will participate,” Suerth said.
“This survey has already donegreat things for IVCC campus by way of the New Student Life Center, WIFI and better cell phone reception,” said Suerth.
He also mentioned his hopes that more students might take the time to do the survey this March.
The survey will be made available from March 6-24. Suerth would love to get the Noel-Levitz survey more publicity, such as social media and word
of mouth, because more can be achieved for IVCC campus and its students if the survey gets done.
The more students who take just a few minutes to fill out the Noel-Levitz survey when they receive it via email, the more likely
students will have input to exact changes and improvements for IVCC and its students, according
to Suerth.
If you happen to get your cell phone out on campus to make a call or Google something, you can thank the results of the Noel-Levitz survey is the reason your can surf the internet with few issues.
The college worked to make those changes based off of the student responses from the survey. Students who are unsure of how to access their student email can visit the Student Help Desk home page at desk.
Students who need additional help or who have trouble logging in can seek personal assistance by going to the Learning Commons
Help Desk in D-201.
Students will need to access their student email to get the link to the Noel-Levitz survey.