Heroin overdose group gives tips

“Love doesn’t solve our problems. It’s what keeps us fighting to solve our problems,” said Amber Pratt, the sister of a victim who lost his life to
On Jan. 23, Pratt, along with her mother and friends, visited IVCC to discuss how people can help with the heroin epidemic that is sweeping the
They spoke in conjunction with Buddy’s Purpose, a non-profit organization for Buddy started by Lori Brown, who lost her son in 2011 from a herion overdose.
“Heroin has a stigma with use. Addicts are usually too ashamed to reach out for help because they are afraid of being judged.”
Buddy’s Purpose is a group that looks past all judgments and reaches out to get victims the help they need.
The group also trains anyone who is interested in how to give the lifesaving shot of Naloxone.
Naloxone will stop someone from dying by reversing an overdose. Once trained, Buddy’s Purpose will give a free kit out to anyone who wants one.
The kit can be carried around in a book bag or purse. This is the same medication that a hospital or ambulance will give to someone who is dying of
an overdose because the Naloxone stops receptors from receiving the fatal drug.
To be trained, people can reach out by phone at 815-993-6294 or on Facebook Messenger @buddyspurpose. For more information, go to www.buddyspurpose.org or find Buddy’s Purpose on Facebook.