Cook-Fesperman recognized by AHA


Adriana Avila

Cook-Fesperman attributes her lifestyle change to a dream she had where she enjoyed running. Healthy decisions regarding her diet and exercise were quick to follow.

The American Heart Association formed more than 70 years ago by a handful of physicians, and now encompasses “more than 22.5 million volunteers and supporters,” the official website says. The organization has made an invaluable difference in educating and preventing heart related deaths and diseases each year.
Every year the American Heart Association (AHA) chooses a winner who best exemplifies a healthy lifestyle change and this year one of the three winners was IVCC’s own Professor Cook-Fesperman, who has been a teacher here at IVCC for 16 years.
Professor Cook-Fesperman said she did have a history of eating disorders as a teen, but it wasn’t until her blood pressure and glucose numbers began to increase that she decided changes were necessary.
According to Cook-Fesperman, “one night in April, I had a dream that I was running and I woke up sad because it felt so good in my dream to be running.” This dream inspired Professor Cook-Fesperman’s lifestyle changes in the future.
Cook-Fesperman joined “Starved Rock Women’s Running Club” and signed up for a 5K run.
“I ran 10 seconds at a time and walked for 2 minutes and built from there,” said Cook-Fesperman.
Cook-Fesperman stated that the combination of her running and her healthier diet, she ultimately lost 55 pounds.
“I feel great, I sleep less, move more and am committed to fitness for my whole family,” said Cook-Fesperman, stating that she feels these healthy lifestyle changes have made her a better teacher and person.
Professor Cook-Fesperman choose to work hard and make healthier choices in order to improve her quality of life. She said, “the best part was getting to buy a whole new wardrobe and not having to shop in the plus size department.”