IVCC issues recommendations for transfer students


Stephanie Bias, IV Leader Assistant Culture Editor

The new spring semester is in full swing, and for many students, this marks their final semester at IVCC before transferring to a new institution. Not only do these students need to focus on graduating from IVCC, but they also need to make the necessary preparations for their impending transfer. Quintin Overocker, Director of Admissions, Records and Transfer Services, has some advice for transfer students.

Overocker explains that the student should already be accepted to the institution that they plan to transfer to by this time. If not, they need to apply as soon as possible and begin researching the institution to coordinate housing and tuition, among other things.

In addition, the student should complete the FAFSA and apply for scholarships.

“While there is no deadline for when the FAFSA application must be completed, a general rule to follow would be the sooner it is completed, the better,” Overocker says. “Students should apply to scholarships available at their future institution, as many schools offer scholarships specifically for transfer students.”

Overocker states that the most important thing a transfer student should do is visit the school.

“Visiting a friend at the school is fine, but I encourage students to schedule a transfer student visit and meet with faculty in the department that they plan to study within.”

Cassidy Mance, a sophomore at IVCC, is one of the many students transferring to a four-year institution after this semester. Mance plans to major in education and attend Illinois State University where she will live in an apartment with her friend.

“I am very excited to transfer. I feel like I am prepared, but the closer the time comes to actually moving, I am sure it will all feel a bit crazy. There is still a lot to do like enrolling in classes and thinking about what kind of job I should get while attending school,” Mance said.

Mance advises fellow transfer students to keep their grades up and not slack off just because they have been accepted to their future institution.

“Work hard while at IVCC so you will be more prepared when the time comes to attend a different school. Throughout my two years at IVCC, I feel like I have grown up and really had to buckle down when it comes to school,” Mance said.

While Mance is excited for her future at Illinois State University, she is glad that she chose to attend IVCC first.

“IVCC has been a great help. The counselors worked with me and we talked about what I would like to do and what type of classes I should be taking. I was challenged in my classes, and yet if I had any questions, I was comfortable enough to ask for help. So far, the process has been fairly simple and stress free, which is nice,” Mance said.

With the help of counselors and administrators like Overocker, IVCC strives to assist students who plan to transfer.