I-Read director moves to Peer Tutoring Center

Rachel Einhaus, IV Leader Assistant Opinion Editor

Peer tutoring has a new director this semester. Angela Dunlap, former I-Read program manager, transferred to the peer tutoring program due to insufficient funds for I-Read.

The peer tutors are excited to work with Dunlap. Ken Murphy, peer tutor, said the new addition to the team brings “new opportunities” and that it is nice to get the opportunity to work with new people. “I think she will do a great job. I have confidence in her,” Murphy says.

The peer tutors as a whole are excited about their jobs, helping students learn. They say they would like to see more ways of helping. Arinze Ochuba, peer tutor, said he thinks they could benefit from “more advertisements for peer tutoring.” As for Dunlap, she will be “talking to instructors and mentioning the program in classes.”

Dunlap is upbeat about the change. She said she is “enjoying meeting a lot of new people and students and enjoying the interaction with peer and professional tutors.” There will be a few changes in her position, as she will be spending most of her time in the learning commons, however she will still be helping with the adult education.

Dunlap says she is looking forward to “interacting with a broader range of students and expanding my horizons.”