Homeschool haven: New club to support students

Martha Hoffman, Staff Writer

This semester, there is a new group for homeschoolers and students with nontraditional primary and secondary schooling backgrounds, under the advisement of Michael Pecherek, music professor at IVCC.

Called One Room, after one room schoolhouses, the club seeks to connect students as they transition into college. Aelsa Butler, IVCC sophomore and the driving force behind One Room’s creation, was homeschooled in high school, and saw a need for the group when she came to IVCC.

Butler said, “I faced some challenges that I think are unique to homeschoolers. While I did not find the transition difficult, I felt like it would be easier for others if there was a strong community here to welcome them into life as a college student.”

Faculty members are quick to share that homeschooled students are often among IVCC’s best.

Cory Tomasson, speech professor and student activities coordinator, said, “In general, they’ve had great success in class: they’re organized and well prepared.”

He went on to say that they like to get involved in student activities, and bring a different perspective into class discussions, which is a very positive thing. Tomasson said, “I’m really excited to see a group like this [One Room].”

Fran Brolley, IVCC Director of Community Relations and Development is also complimentary towards homeschooled students.
Brolley said, “From my experience, they are among the most outstanding students we have on campus every year. From what I have seen in our applicants for scholarships and for the Society, homeschooled students are a growing force at IVCC and they have strengthened our student body.”

Butler hopes to help create a welcoming community. She hopes that “not just students but IVCC staff and faculty [will] benefit as we get involved on campus to create an environment that area homeschoolers see and are like, ‘Now that’s a place where we can both fit into and grow in.’”

Meetings are every Friday from 2-4 p.m. at the Fireplace Lounge in B216 and are meant to be fun hangouts with snacks and games.

Students can email Aelsa Butler at [email protected] if they have any questions and find One Room on Facebook.