New student-focused web site designed for admissions

Martha Hoffman, IV Leader Staff Writer

The new admissions website launched over the summer. The new design seeks to make it easy for prospective students to learn about IVCC.

Aseret Loveland and Quintin Overocker in the Office of Admissions have been working on design ideas since November 2015. The main goal was to make it mobile friendly and easy to navigate.

“We’re very passionate about this,” Loveland explained. “The design work happened after hours, because we are busy with recruitment during the work day.”

The site features landing pages with accordion menus, and the entire site is filled with images and minimal text. There are plenty of calls to action, with buttons such as “Apply Now,” and “Schedule a Visit,” to make the information as easy to access as possible.

Loveland explained that Kevin Champlin and Diane Lane from IT were helpful in making sure the website loads quickly and works smoothly. Bob Hunter, the web manager, also worked out some bugs with the site. Lots of people have been involved in developing the engaging site you see today.

“We’re excited to continue launching new pages as time allows,” Loveland shared.

The next upcoming addition is a faculty feature, with a biography of each member that includes the college they attended, what they did before teaching, and what they found valuable about their college experience.

There is even a link to shadow a class of the faculty member, allowing high school students to experience a particular professor’s class.

The goal is to launch this feature in October or November. Eventually, the entire IVCC website is planned to be transitioned to the updated format.

Links to the website have been promoted by Facebook ads to draw parents and students to the site, especially for the parent/college preview that took place on Sept. 13. The social media tie-ins are important, with news feeds of high school visits to help prospective students feel involved.

“Branding is huge, and we want to make college shopping as easy as possible for students,” Loveland said. “The goal for admissions is to give all the information students need for researching colleges.”

Loveland encourages current students to check out the site, explaining that student input is important to them.

“We want to get feedback for current students, to see what you want. We’re open to how we can make this better for you. We want to feature student testimonials and show students who have transferred and are successful,” Loveland explained.