Officials credit outreach efforts in fall enrollment

Sara Kupperschmid, IV Leader Staff Writer

As of Aug. 29, the total credit hours students are enrolled in is 30,040, which is .11 percent above last years credit hours above last years.

According to Cheryl Roelfsema, Vice President Business Services & Finance, said that the state reimburses IVCC for how many credit hours we have. Also the credit hours, full time equivalent, helps to qualify IVCC for an equalization tax. Plus the students also pay for each credit hour. In these three ways IVCC gains revenue for the school.
The numbers have been in a seesaw pattern for the past few weeks.

At the beginning of the semester, enrollment had increased slightly for fall 2016, and while the trend in actual enrollment is still downward, the uptick in credit hours provides a reason for optimism on the part of IVCC administration.

Quintin Overocker and Aseret Loveland, Assistant Director of Admissions and Records, agree that IVCC’s fluctuating enrollment mirrored a nationwide trend.

New ways that IVCC has been attempting to reach out to new potential students is by creating a relationship with them when they are freshman in high school and show them that soon large life choices will have to be made and a friendly choice with plenty of help is close by.

They also create spotlights on past alumni and current aspiring students so that those in the community who are considering taking a few classes can follow their examples in juggling classes and work.

Christina Fuentes, of LaSalle, and Jody Wilson, of Lostant, Illinois are incoming freshman excited to walk the halls of IVCC and continue their education to a degree.

Christina, asked why she chose IVCC, smiled widely and responded that it was very affordable for her and her family.
Fuentes said she felt safe on campus, and believed that this is where she could be herself. Within days, her impression was confirmed. By getting lost and questioning the nearest person, whether a student or a teacher waiting to start their next class, she quickly found her way around.

Her current goals are just to stay happy and easygoing all while being close to old friends and making new ones.
Student Jody Wilson, who hopes to transfer to Texas A&M University, found that applying to IVCC was easy and highly accessible to future transfer students.

Wilson plans to finish her general education classes close to home and be able to see her friends for a while longer before miles and future studies in agricultural business/equine science challenges her communication with them.