Professor set to retire after 26 years at IVCC

Laura Lenhausen, IV Leader Staff Writer

For many students at IVCC, Diane Christianson made the stressful and scary part of college a little more bearable.

“She is such an approachable and understanding teacher who genuinely loves teaching and loves what she does. I’ve learned a lot from her,” said Haley Harsted, one of Christianson’s students.

Christianson tries to make learning more fun by engaging the students in lots of hands-on activities, as well as discussion on outside observation.

Christianson did not always know she wanted to be a teacher. She grew up having great teachers along the way.
Also, her mother and sister were teachers, which had a great influence on her decision.

Christianson attended college in North Dakota where she grew up and has her masters in Education from the University of North Dakota.

Besides teaching at IVCC, Christianson has taught at many other locations, such as, Tennessee, Washington, Iowa and Urbana, Ill.

After 26 rewarding years at IVCC, Christianson states her favorite moments as a teacher has been, “observing the dramatic changes I see in students walking into our program, and the person they are leaving. I’ve just seen how much they have grown and matured.”

With retirement, “outstanding faculty and great staff is what I will miss the most,” states Christianson.

However, she looks forward to her plans to travel and spend more time with her family after retirement.

Retiring was a difficult decision, after 26 years at IVCC Christianson stated, “I’ve done what I can do here.”
It is easy to see Christianson really cares for her students and their academic improvement.

“IVCC is a great place and I hope everything will continue on the up and up and continue to serve students and their best interests and needs,” states Christianson.