New Trustee Elected

Sarah Tipton, IVCC Student Trustee

My name is Sarah Tipton and I was just elected for IVCC new student trustee. I ran for student government last semester as a freshman representative because I believed that it would be a good experience and something to put on my applications for when I transfer.

I realized that I enjoyed giving back to my school and knowing that I can help be a voice for the student body.

I knew that I wanted to run again and this semester I was influenced by the SGA advisor Cory Tomasson to run for student trustee. He informed me that this position would be an incredible opportunity.

I have grown so much at IVCC and I wanted to give something back, so when I learned that I had the opportunity to run for student trustee, I felt it would be a great way for me to contribute.

My primary goal for next semester as student trustee is to accurately express student viewpoints and bring new insights to the Board. It is impossible to represent all students at IVCC, but I will do my best to express the student body’s position overall.
I hope to continuously grow my understanding of the student body by seeking diverse viewpoints and help further develop IVCC into a college where students can have a significant voice.

As the student trustee I need to know how the school is being impacted. Recently Student Government Association attended Lobby Day, a day dedicated to influence the decisions made by Illinois officials.

The fact that the state of Illinois has not yet passed a budget is the biggest issue IVCC is facing at this point. This has had a major effect on IVCC’s ability to establish a quality education at a reasonable price.

Our current president, Becca Herrmann, voiced our concerns to both Sen. Sue Rezin and Rep. Andy Skoog.

They were able to give us both party’s arguments concerning the budget for higher education.

We realize that each party has their own philosophical views, but as a result our entire education system as a whole is suffering. I am glad I had this opportunity to meet some of Illinois officials and experience Lobby Day.
It is an honor to be IVCC’s new student trustee and I am excited to take on next year in this position.