Herrmann elected SGA president

IV Leader Staff

A Herrmann will once again be leading Student Government Association next year.

Ellen Herrmann was elected president during the SGA elections on April 7-8, taking over the role that her sister Becca held for the 2015-2016 school year.

Becca and Ellen are the daughters of Charlotte and Pat Herrmann of Spring Valley.

“I ran for president because I knew it would be a great opportunity to display my leadership qualities,” Ellen said. “I also wanted to get more involved on campus in clubs and organizations, and student government association was appealing to me because I would be involved in making decisions for our students and supporting many school improvement projects.”

Ellen said her goals for next year include keeping the appeal and leisure of the new student life center and cyber cafe.
For Becca, the opening of the Student Life Center is one of the hallmarks of her presidency.

“One of the things that I will always remember is the opening of the Student Life Center and working with everyone who made that possible, including past and present Student Government presidents and members, faculty, and other organizations,” Becca said. “I love walking through the new Student Life Center and seeing all the kids hang out in there and knowing that I was a part of that huge project.”

Ellen hopes to follow in her sister’s footsteps in leading SGA.

“My sister has done a great job as president and I hope to follow her example of being a good leader, while enjoying it as much as she did,” she said.

And, Becca has no problem turning over the reigns to her younger sister: “Ellie is a great leader, and I think she will transition into the role of president very well,” Becca said. “She has a lot of connections at IVCC as a result of being involved in other clubs and activities so that will help her out in organization of events for the next year. And if she ever has any questions, I’m one phone call away!”

Other officers

The student trustee for next year will be Sarah Tipton. Others elected include Lexi Scarpaci as vice president, Cristian Mendez as secretary and Abbey Azarskis as treasurer.
Sophomore representative will be Gabe Braboy. Sophomore programming board members will be Dexter Baker and Hugo Perez.

“We have a few members that will be returning next year, so the tremendous work that the SGA has done over the past year will continue,” said SGA advisor Cory Tomasson. “After talking with the winners, I am really excited to start planning for next year. This group of students seems very enthusiastic and eager to represent their fellow students.”