Isermann retires after 35 years

Sue Isermann has worn many hats in her time at IVCC: softball coach, associate vice president, dean and faculty are a few.
However, soon, she can take on a new role: retiree.

Isermann, associate vice president for Academic Affairs, dean of Workforce Development, and Ottawa Center administrator, is retiring from IVCC after this spring semester.

It is without a doubt a question as to how Isermann will be replaced since she works under three different titles.
Contributing in so many different ways, Isermann believes that the college will have to divide up her job and look at several different positions rather than finding one person to fill her shoes.

Throughout the years, Isermann said she has made her main focus the students and how they will be impacted. She focuses on how she can serve students who are staying here to get a job as well as focusing on the students who are going on to get a bachelor degree.

Isermann started working at the college 35 years ago, working part-time for two years and full-time for the past 33 years. She first started as a part-time instructor teaching computer technology at the Sheridan Correctional Center, when IVCC used to run the education programs there.

After that for two years Isermann taught BASIC Programming: a computer language. She taught this back in the ‘80s when micro computers were first coming out.

Isermann was then able to secure a full time teaching position in which she continued to teach programming and software applications such as word and spreadsheets. She taught full time for 15 years, and for eight years was the head women’s softball coach.

Not stopping there, after 15 years Isermann applied for the job of division chair, which later became a position that is now called dean. She took on many responsibilities during this job such as supervising full time and part time faculty. This included supervising the computer, manufacturing, automotive, technology, electronics, cad, business and accounting areas.

After that Isermann became the Associate Vice President for Career Education. With this title she supervised adult education and worked with grants and curriculum development as well. Then, from Career Education it was changed from AEP to Academic Affairs. This changed position name entitled the same occupations as before, however it added part time faculty development. For a period of time she also supervised the Sheridan Correctional Center as well.

In 2010 the Ottawa Center began to develop, and Isermann supervised that.

In 2013 the college eliminated a dean position which brought back supervising the faculty again. It also the added reporting to Isermann of Continuing Education and Business Services. There were several times during that time frame from 2008-2013 where she twice served as Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs, which happened when they were searching for a New Vice President.

IVCC President Jerry Corcoran shared his positive thoughts towards Isermann when he stated, “Sue has been a huge asset to the college for many reasons beyond the fact that she will be retiring with 35 years of dedicated service to IVCC. Along with being a terrific instructor, she has provided stability and leadership as an administrator for nearly 18 years. Sue has led several academic divisions, overseen the emergence of the IVCC Ottawa Center and served as the college’s chief academic officer on an interim basis prior to our hiring Dr. Deb Anderson, our current VP for academic affairs.”

When asked if Isermann has enjoyed her years working at IVCC she replied, “Since I’ve been here for 35 years I’ve enjoyed everything. Moving from position to position I’ve been able to help so many different students. Being in a classroom I could only help the students in my classroom, but with my position now I can benefit so many different students. My coworkers make the job, without them I wouldn’t have been able to stay.”

Isermann believes the college has grown because of the many additional programs. In just her past 35 years of working, the college has brought back welding to a full program, and added graphic design, human services, forensics, truck driver training, wind energy. Other programs have had huge changes as well, including the dramatic change of the computer area. When Isermann taught they had punch cards and listened to cast tapes and had floppy disks.

Working here at the college, Isermann has learned that the people are key. Having the right faculty, support staff, and administration teams are extremely important.

Isermann says her current retirement plans are “figuring out the next chapter.”

Corcoran said, “Although we will miss her when she leaves July 31, we’ll also be forever grateful for service. She has worked hard and earned her a well-deserved retirement. We wish Sue and her loving family happiness and good health.”