Registration for summer, fall begins in April

Summer and fall registration begins in April, and students are encouraged to make an appointment with a counselor to help prepare for registration.

Registration starts at 8 a.m., beginning on Friday, April 8 for summer and Wednesday, April 13 for fall semester.
Students can register for courses in a variety of ways.

WebAdvisor online is the most common for students and can be accessed with a student’s K-number.  However, WebAdvisor is only for currently enrolled students.  Assistance using WebAdvisor is available in the Learning Commons.

Incoming freshman or new students to IVCC may find it easier to talk with a counselor for a step-by-step visit on how to register for sections.

If students do not have Internet access, they are encouraged to register in person.  They can register at one of two places — at the admissions and records office, CTC 101 at the main campus, or the front desk at the Ottawa Center.
Mail in registration is another form available for students.   Students may fill out a registration form and mail into 815 N. Orlando Smith Road, Oglesby, IL. 61348.

Students are also encouraged to fax in a registration form to 815-224-6091.  However, fax and mail registration comes at a first come, first serve basis.

Another option for registration is by telephone, and it is recommended that students have their course information prepared.
Lists of the course name, number, and section should be ready before hand.  Also, students will need to give their name, address and student ID, or social security number if no ID is known.