Instructor suspended for spring semester

Jessica Bursztynsky, IV Leader Associate Editor

The IVCC Board of Trustees on Feb. 4 formally suspended Jared Olesen, a 35-year-old sociology professor, for violating board policy.

Four sections of Olesen’s sociology classes were canceled before the spring semester started, and students were notified a few days before classes began.

“The college’s chief academic officer worked with deans and faculty on a plan to minimize disruption of services for all,” said Fran Brolley, IVCC director of Community Relations and Development.
Olesen will not receive the salary sum of $21,813 for the spring semester, as agreed upon between Olesen and the board.
IVCC has not released specifications as to which part of 6.13, the sexual and other harassment conditions policy, Olesen had violated.

Under corrective action against sexual misconduct, the board policy manual does not have specific plan for discipline against both students and faculty.

“[Action] may include discipline up to and including discharge for employees and dismissal for students. Disciplinary action for employees will be imposed in accordance with applicable collective bargaining agreements and legal requirements,” as stated in the board manual, which is published on the school website.

The suspension, which will be in place until May 21, was enacted Feb. 4 and allows for Olesen to resume teaching for the summer semester.

The normal terms and conditions for summer classes still apply, with the agreement stating “he will not receive any preferential treatment.”

IVCC is unable to release the name of the student involved due to the 2002 action by the U.S. Court of Appeals, stating disciplinary records are to be protected as education records.

“Because of that distinction, all federally funded institutions are bound by federal law to protect said records and only release them at the consent of the student unless the conduct in question posed a significant risk to the safety or well-being of the IVCC community,” Brolley said.

While under suspension, Olesen will still gain seniority for the 2015-2016 academic year and will still gain retirement credit. In addition, Olesen will still be covered under IVCC’s health insurance as long as he continues to pay the monthly premium.