Seghi hired to head dental assisting program

Heather Seghi joined the full-time faculty in January as a dental assistant instructor and program coordinator. Students in IVCC’s dental assisting program get hands-on training, and IVCC students can use the clinic for X-rays, cleaning and fillings.
Where are you from originally?

I grew up in Troy Grove, and now live in Dimmick, which is only about 5 miles south of my hometown.

Where did you attend college and what degree do you hold?

I have attended IVCC for my associates in Applied Science, and received my bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences with a minor in Chemistry from Illinois State University.

What classes or positions are you currently assigned?

I am the Program Coordinator and Instructor for the Dental Assisting Program. I currently teach Dental Materials & Lab Procedures (DLA 2201), Chairside Assisting II (DLA 2203), Dental Office Management (DLA 1206) and Supervised Dental Assisting Practice (DLA 1202). During the semester I also hold extra open lab time for the students to help them meet their requirements for graduation from the Dental Assisting Program.

Are you new to teaching? If not, where did you teach?

Yes, this is my first semester teaching.

What are your impressions, not only of the students, but also the IVCC atmosphere, and the faculty and staff?

The faculty and staff here at IVCC are so wonderful. I am new to teaching, as well as to coordinating a program, but everyone is so helpful and willing to answer any questions I have without hesitation. The students are amazing as well! They understand this is my first semester and I may not get everything absolutely perfect, and they are good at going with the flow and handling any changes to the syllabus that have come up. I couldn’t ask for a better group of individuals to share this experience with.

So far, what is your favorite aspect of IVCC?

I really enjoy the smaller class sizes. I know that is what everyone always says of a community college, but IVCC’s classes and schedules make it so much nicer for both myself, and my students to have a more hands on learning experience. I can spend a little more one on one time with my students, if they need any additional help grasping a specific subject in their course.

What is your favorite thing about the Illinois Valley area?

I have grown up in the Illinois Valley, so my favorite thing would be seeing a familiar face basically everywhere you look. Whether it be in the grocery store, the gym, or here on campus. The small town feel is my favorite!

What should a student know about you?

I’ve been there!! I know what it is like to be a student working so hard at your future, while your home life is still in full swing. Not that long ago I was working full time as a Dental Assistant,  while attending Illinois State University as a full time student to finish my bachelor’s degree, with a 12 year old son at home needing me to be there to help with homework and to be shuttled from event to event! If you ever need any help with time management, I’m your girl! My door is always open!