IVCC to implement new scholarship campaign

With a goal of $500,000, a campaign has been launched to fund new scholarships at IVCC. The scholarships will be funded by many community members and IVCC alumni and will help pay for about one-third of a full-time student’s year round tuition.

IVCC President Dr. Jerry Corcoran stated, “This campaign will help students realize their dreams of a college education and will lead to successful careers. It will open doors for high-potential high school graduates and under-employed adults – individuals who need only a hand up to succeed.”

A research study by Northern Illinois University Center for Governmental Studies released this fall states that career program graduates of IVCC are expected to earn nearly $900,000 in a lifetime. The report also predicts that an Associate of Applied Science degree and lifetime certificates will earn IVCC graduates an additional $882,300 over the course of a 40 year career.

“The study demonstrates the tremendous return on investment our graduates enjoy and this campaign will allow more students to pursue that opportunity,” said Corcoran.

The new awards will help IVCC’s total scholarship contributions to over 300 awards.

The new scholarship awards will target specific students who compel to the GED program and pursue a career and technical program, adults who are 24 or older and complete an associate degree or certificate that emphasizes career and technical fields, students who are planning on pursuing a four-year degree who are not inside financial aid eligibility, and/or students attending summer courses who were previously attended IVCC fulltime the past fall and spring and are at a high-need.

All applicants will be required to file a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).