Therapeutic massage relieves stress

A great luxury to escape from stress and anxiety can be as simple as taking a nap, but an occasional massage never hurts.

On Nov. 5, massage therapy students offered chair massages in the lobby for students, faculty, and staff solely for this reason. The “relaxing or invigorating massage” that was given was meant to relax muscles, increase circulation, and reduce stress.

The Therapeutic Massage Program Coordinator, Cherie Monterastelli, said, “It was a great way for students and staff members to get ready for finals and the holidays that are just around the corner, and it was also good practice for my students.”

Massage therapy students offer practice massages in the lab as part of their clinical experience before they graduate.

Recently, they have offered prenatal massages for pregnant women for experience and to improve their skills.

This semester they focused on the art of massaging special populations, such as athletes, pregnant women, and geriatric.

Beginning next semester the new group starts. If interested in getting a practice massage, stop in and leave your name and phone number in room G-202A.