‘Jew U’ gives insight


Robyn Schiffman offers an insightful look into what it means to be Jewish in America.

On Nov. 19 a presentation on growing up as a Jewish-American was given by Schiffman, an IVCC administrator.

Dr. Schiffman, the new Dean of English, Mathematics and Education, began the presentation by addressing that religion is a sensitive topic for most people.

Attendees were encouraged to share what they knew about Judaism and what Jewish celebrities they were familiar with.

Students and other faculty members offered their own stories and experiences dealing with Judaism and religion in general.
Dr. Schiffman’s presentation focused on how Jewish practices and beliefs parallel those of the other Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Judaism, Islam) and how Jews have more in common with Christians than one would believe. Important rites of passage, Jewish holidays and dietary laws were also discussed.

The presentation was sponsored by the IVCC Diversity Team. Other programs will be scheduled for the spring semester.