Schiffman hired as new IVCC dean


Whether you’re returning to IVCC or this is your first semester, there is no doubt you’ll be seeing a lot of new faces around the campus. One of those new faces could very well be the new dean Robyn Schiffman.

Although Schiffman is originally from New Jersey she considers herself an “honorary” citizen of Illinois. After teaching and being an active administrator at the University of Illinois at Chicago and eight years of being a professor at the University of New Jersey, Schiffman decided it was time to relocate back to Illinois.

Schiffman is the dean of the English, Math, and Education Division, which is just one of five divisions. She replaces Marianne Dzik, who retired from this position last spring.

Under this title Schiffman oversees nine different programs, including programs such as the Honors Program and peer tutoring. Most importantly Schiffman wants to work hard to solve problems, something she says there is an endless supply of.

Schiffman’s go-getter attitude for the school is something she prides herself in. She plans to ask hard questions and stir things up, all to get the best out of her colleagues and students.

An example of Schiffman’s out of the box call-to-action is her idea for an alumni database. She wants to create a database for IVCC graduates so they can stay connected with the school easily and efficiently.

Over the past four weeks at IVCC Schiffman has been enjoying the campus. She said the physical campus itself seemed pure and engaging, while the students and staff seem uplifting and fun.

She aims to encourage students to approach her with any concerns they may have throughout their time at IVCC.

Schiffman’s biggest goal is to be in the right place at the right time for her students and staff, fixing as many problems as she can, ensuring the best experience for everyone involved at IVCC.