Get psyched for Spirit Week

Chrissy Pond, IV Leader Staff

As an annual event, Spirit Day is held at Illinois Valley Community College as an all-day celebration and is also helpful for new students to get to know about the clubs and organizations held at the college.
This festivity will take place in the courtyard where all of the clubs and organizations will be set up all around for the students to walk and look through.

Every year the clubs and organizations come up with fresh ideas for each of their stations to attract people to come check out their club. This year a few of the activities include wax hands, tie dye t-shirts, street signs, tattoos, caricaturist, bag games, giveaways, sand art, and a giant game of chess. Most of these activities are similar as the past years but they have been very successful and have gotten great feedback from the students.

A new addition to the activities list this year will be disc golf for the students to play in the free time they find in-between the other activities. There will also be food and drinks provided during the celebration in the courtyard and in the cafeteria.

A new add-on this year will be the ice cream and smoothies that will be provided through Country Catering because they are working through the school and it will be easily accessible through the cafeteria.

As an added part of the excitement there will be music provided to keep the energy high throughout the courtyard.

As instructor and head of the Student Government Association Cory Tomasson states, “This is always our most successful student activity. It involves all 40-plus student organizations as well as many other college departments. The students really enjoy the activities, socializing, and information that they receive.”

This year to add a twist to this event Spirit Day will now be associated with what has been named Spirit Week. Throughout the week there will be different activities held throughout the college involving students and faculty.

A couple of events that have already been discussed for that week include a staff office decorating contest and a celebration for the 90th birthday of the college.

A full list of the activities to be held that week should be listed by Sept. 5.

This year will definitely be one to remember as it is a continuation of the past, but also a fresh beginning with new ideas and activities.