SGA election results listed

IV Leader Staff

Tiernan Ebener of Peru has been elected president of the Illinois Valley Community College Student Government Association after the recent elections. Ebener won with a final vote count of 86, just six over Christian Bender.

The other elected officials are as follows:

Brianna Huss of Tonica was elected Vice President with 81 votes, Amy Rogowski
of La Salle was elected student trustee with 71 votes, Kory Tieman of La Salle was elected treasurer with 13 votes, Lindsay Gerding of Ottawa was elected secretary with 143 votes, Cortnie Riordan of Buda was elected sophomore representative with 10 votes, and Christian Bender of Oglesby was elected to the sophomore programming board with 6 votes.

This year a total of 170 ballots were cast for the nominees.

Cory Tomasson, student activities coordinator, was happy with the final results and is excited to be working with the new staff.

For more information on the SGA, contact Tomasson at (815) 224-0509 or email [email protected]

Final Results:

Tiernan Ebener – 86 Win
Christian Bender – 80
All Others – <5

Vice President:
Brianna Huss – 81 Win
Abbey Nowakowski – 60
All Others – <5

Student Trustee:
Amy Rogowski – 71 Win
Danae Ross – 53
All Others – <5

Kory Tieman – 13 Win
Tony Scheri – 5
All Others – <5

Lindsay Gerding – 143 Win
All Others – <5

Sophomore Representative:
Cortnie Riordan – 10 Win
Kyle Pikula – 5
All Others – <5

Sophmore Programing Board:
Christian Bender – 6
Chrissy Pond – 5
All Others – <5

Total Votes: 170