IV Talent Showcase


Jacob Montgomery

Hailey Shan (back, from left), Christiana Johnson, Brandon Miller; (front) Jade Atkinson, Andrea Neff, Cody Zton, Nancy Jackson, Julianne Cameron, Philip Denner, Alex Danko, Tomasz Augustyniak and Cody Bornemann award the check with the fund raising total at the end of the IV Talent Showcase on April 24. The Journalism 1002 class raised more than $1,000 for the American Cancer Society and presented the check to Jackson from the Relay for Life, American Cancer Society.

Justin Kelley, IV Leader Staff

The IV Talent Showcase raised more than $1,000 for the American Cancer Society through their event on April 24, and two IVCC students were recognized as the top contestants.

Jade Atkinson, who performed a hula hoop dancing act, won first place in the show. Second place was awarded to Hailey Shan, who sang during the show.

More than 75 fellow students and others came out to support the event and the contestants.

The showcase was organized by some students in the Journalism 1002 class as a class project. The showcase had a variety of acts like dancing with hula hoops and singing.

The hosts Alex Danko, Phil Denner and Tomasz Augustyniak also added to the show by doing their own acts, but they were not able eligible to win.

Group members also reached out and received donations from the community. Prizes also were donated by the college and community for the winning contestants and raffles.

At the end of the show the audience members were given a piece of paper to vote on their favorite act.

Before the winners were announced, Denner announced that the event made $1,000 to donate to the American Cancer Society.

After the show Shan said she would participate in the showcase again and the money had been raised for a good cause.

Students who planned the showcase included Denner, Danko, Augustyniak, Laura Keppy, Shay Sutherland, David Page, Jacob Montgomery, Justin Kelley and Andrea Neff.

Participants include Atkinson, Shan, Cody Zton, Nate Bradford, Cody Bornemann, Brandon Miller