College gets bandwidth boost

Marshal Herrmann, IV Leader Media Editor

Notice a faster internet connection? You should.

Over the weekend of April 5- 6, IVCC abandoned AT&T and connected to iFiber, a northwestern Illinois broadband initiative, which is a “provider of extremely high speed (up to GB) network transport services to both the public and private sector,” according to the iFiber Web site.

The school’s bandwidth was increased from 100 Mbps to 200 Mbps, compared to just 35 Mbps last spring, according to an e-mail sent by Harold Barnes, director of Information Technology Services. The increased bandwidth allows for faster speeds and increased volume.

Barnes said students and instructors now have access to “streaming web-based video and other online resources to enhance the classroom experience.”

Barnes also mentioned there is a new wireless network throughout the CTC building, the Ottawa Center, the Learning Commons, and the cafeteria called “IVCC,” which provides increased speed and better reliability.

Students can connect to this the same as the current IVCC GuestWireless network, which will eventually be phased out.

During the transition, a miscommunication caused some IVCC Web services to be down and students could not access the library databases. These bugs have since been fixed.