Registration begins in April

Austin Fogle and Shay Sutherland

Registration for summer classes at Illinois Valley Community College will begin Tuesday, April 1 at 8 a.m. on Web Advisor and noon in the admissions office, with fall registration to begin the following week.

In preparation, students should be meeting counselors and smoothing out a plan for registration.

Registration for fall classes begins on Wednesday, April 9 at 8 a.m., on WebAdvisor.

Mark Grzybowski, director of Admissions & Records for the college, says that the earlier students register for classes the better.

“The longer a student waits the greater the chance that classes may be filled or they may not get the time slots they want,” Grzybowski explained, resulting in students having classes at 8 a.m. and their next class at night when they could have had them consecutively.

Online registration is most common, but registration can be accomplished in the admissions office or over the phone.

Students need to decide which semester is best for them and which classes apply best to their major and their schedule.

They are encouraged to get familiar with Web Advisor, an online class registry service used by the college. Web Advisor has to be updated every six months and students are encouraged to do so

According to Gryzbowski, there is no difference in student success rate between summer and fall semester classes, but one could be better for a student than the other. There are fewer courses offered in the summer than fall because some classes cannot be condensed time wise.

Gryzbowski often hears students say, the summer semester is better when taking challenging classes because the student is able to focus on that one course rather than five different ones.

The summer semester bears around 1,500 to 2,000 students and in the fall semester student enrollment nearly doubles.

Gryzbowski assures that visiting a counselor is a must and can better the registration process. Counselors are available most every day. The counseling sessions are intended to help students make good decisions.

Garry Carruthers, an IVCC counselor, sees many students during this time of year and gave a bit of advice: “Have a Web Advisor account established. That way if you run into a conflict with your scheduled [appointment] you are able to at least see what classes are being offered for that particular semester.”

Carruthers mentions that if there is ever any error in a class schedule, those students should contact their counselor immediately, because, “time is of the essence and there will be more ways to fix the problem the earlier a student talks to a counselor.”

IVCC has a no late registration policy so if a student procrastinates, he or she cannot still achieve admittance into classes.

For more information on registration, students can visit or call the admissions office at 815-224-0447.