Planning under way for new student farm

Michael Venegas, IV Leader Staff

This coming spring IVCC will have a new addition along the lines of agriculture.

A “student farm” is planned to be conducted in the near future which will be located on the campus and will give students the opportunity to participate and help out.

The area will be half an acre of land which the school has permitted and supplied for the use of this inaugural project. Seedlings will be obtained from a veggie box, which should have a variety of foods ready for farming this spring, which is expected to be propelled sometime in March.

Fresh herbs like basil, thyme, etc. along with radishes are expected to be a few of the products from the student farm.

Sociology instructor Jared Olsen is leading the project and mentioned that the food grown will be marketed on a local/community basis.

Local restaurants, grocery stores, and farmer’s market are planned to be in the fold regarding the distribution and profit off of the food.

An interesting method for growing crops also comes into play for the new farm, which is called aquaponics. This technique uses fish to grow crops together in a re-circulating system in a symbiotic matter.

Any student who is pursuing a career in agriculture or simply has an interest in the upcoming farm should contact Olsen. A Facebook page is also available for anyone wanting to join.