Edible Car Contest set for Feb. 26

IV Leader Staff

At Illinois Valley Community College the best cars taste good and have a short shelf life – at least for the ninth annual Edible Car Contest at noon, Wednesday Feb. 26 in the cafeteria.

Student teams are constructing cars, actually vehicles that look something like cars or trucks, entirely from food. Imagine a car body made from a cucumber or a hot dog and wheels from pinwheel pasta or cookies.

Dorene Verucchi Perez, computer aided design program coordinator, said the contest highlights National Engineers Week.

“We want students to see engineering is fun and that it allows them to be creative,” she said.

The contest also targets women by requiring at least one member of each team to be female.

Student teams will compete for prizes in a number of categories including design, creativity and speed.

For the speed prizes, cars must be able to roll down a ramp approximately three feet long.

The contest is open to the public. Entry blanks can be submitted through 11 a.m. Feb. 26 and cars must be checked in by that time.

Last year, 58 students competed on 18 teams. The contest is sponsored by the workforce development division and the Making Industry Meaningful In College project.