Phase three of construction enters preliminary stages

Marshal Herrmann

Although the new Peter Miller Community Technology Center has been completed, the renovation project is not over yet.

Phase three involves the renovation of the newly vacated areas on the main campus, such as the former counseling center and cashiers’ office. According to Cheryl Roelfsema, Vice President for Business Services & Finance/Treasurer, phase three of the renovation is in the “very preliminary stages” and is scheduled to be completed by fall 2015.

Included in this renovation will be a student life space in the former counseling center. Although there are no specifics to date, administration hopes to include student input in the design.

Associate Vice President for Student Services Tracy Morris mentioned “a wide range of student participation through focus groups and possibly some surveys” as a medium for student input for the space. This feedback process could start as early as next semester.

Additionally, Jacobs Library will expand into the former cashiers’ office. According to Head Librarian Frances Whaley, the extra 425 square feet will be the first major update since 2000. Whaley said the library’s priorities for this additional space are “preserving and improving the silent zone, adding and improving group study space, and keeping the library as a prominent studentcentered space with a welcoming environment.”

Other updates noted by Roelfsema:
• Emergency Medical Services (EMS) lab and multi-purpose classrooms
in D101-C, D, F & G
• Forensic Lab and classroom move to D101 and D109
• CETLA would move from C102 to D208, D210-D213.

Roelfsema stated the budget for this phase is $1,139,750. All plans are still subject to approval by the IVCC Board of Trustees and the Capital Development Board.