Eco-friendly parking featured near CTC

Abney Bernardini, IV Leader Staff

The greatest quality of the Peter Miller Community Technology
Center is its green technology. This allows it be a top-notch efficient building following the trend in society towards
environmentally friendly technology.

One of the main aims of the building project was for the Technology Center to achieve silver LEED status. The LEED status was one of the requirements for the grant funding from the state. In addition to the green technology executed by the new building, another perquisite of the LEED status is implementing low-emission parking spots in the parking lot closest to the Community Technology Center.

For the past few months, a few ideal parking spots have been made available for low-emission vehicles in the parking lot. Since
the completion of the project, those spots will expand into 28
low-emission vehicle parking spots.

In a recent controversial debate online over the parking
spots, Tracy Morris, associated vice president for student services,
commented, “The low emissions parking spots are a part
of our LEED certification, which is required by the state because of the grant funding for the new building. The definition of low emissions is defined by the federal government. The goal is not to discriminate but since our LEED certification encourages sustainability and environmental friendliness, there is a very small number of parking spots that are
designated for these cars.

“Students who have these vehicles need to go to this campus security office to get a special parking pass. Those without the pass who park in those spaces run the risk of being towed and/or facing code of conduct violations.”

Security will begin to enforce the parking spots during the Spring 2014 term. In order to park in these spots, students must
register their vehicles as low-emission vehicles with the security office and will receive a green parking pass. Students can
find the security office around the corner from the cafeteria in Room C103.

A list of LEED certified vehicles can be found here.