Oglesby police patrol campus


Kyle Russell

An Oglesby police officer stands outside of IVCC watching students as they pass by. The college has contracted with the city of Oglesby to provide an armed police presence on campus for 20 hours per week. IV Leader photo/ Kyle Russell

Abney Bernardini, IV Leader Staff

Just this past month, the IVCC Board of Trustees approved an agreement to bring a police presence to campus.

Oglesby police officers will be here 20 hours per week. This agreement has been made to supplement the already present G4S, better know as campus security.

According to Jerry Corcoran, IVCC president, ” There will not be a specific day or time when Oglesby Police Officers are always on campus… keep in mind that our current arrangement with G4S will continue as it has from the very beginning, i.e., 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.”

If an emergency does exist and there is no police officer around, Corcoran encourages “students, employees, or visitors to call 314, 911, or use an emergency call box located around the campus… officers will carry IVCC radios when they are on campus so coordinating an immediate response to any situation will never be a problem.”

Recent shootings such as Sandy Hook Elementary factored into the decision to hire an armed presence on campus; however, Corcoran comments, ” There’s no doubt that many of us are aware of the tragedies around the state and country so, yes, that was a factor. However, the overarching goal was to make our campus as safe as it possibly can be for our constituents.