Foundation discontinues 17 scholarships

Marshal Herrmann, Media Editor

In an effort to save money, the directors of the IVCC Foundation have voted to cut 17 Foundation paid scholarships in 2014-2015.

This will save the Foundation’s general unrestricted fund more than $8,000, according to Fran Brolley, director of Community Relations and Development, Brolley stated the general unrestricted fund pays for a full-time employee with benefits along with a part-time position. The Foundation primarily raises funds through the Irish Night, golf outing and yearend appeal. However, these events do not adequately support the Foundation office.

According to a memo issued by Brolley, the following scholarships will no longer be offered as of 2014-2015: Honors Program, High School Art Portfolio, Second-Year Art Merit, Music Performance, Philosophy, World Languages (freshman & sophomore) and High School Essay and Journalism Competitions.

Brolley noted the cuts are strictly due to budget issues and are not a reflection on the programs.

Despite these cuts, hundreds of students will receive privately-funded awards through the Foundation. More than 200 students received $158,000 this fall in scholarships at an average of $745 per student, according to Brolley. Another $44,200 will be awarded in January, totaling over $200,000 for the year.

Those scholarships are awarded out of restricted funds that can only be used for scholarships.