Convocation welcomes students


IVCC president Jerry Corcoran address new students at convocation.

IV Leader Staff

New students were greeted to IVCC Friday, Aug. 15  with the annual convocation as an orientation before classes begin on Monday, Aug. 19.

Former IVCC student Wanda Rohl encouraged students to get involved at the college where she said she “found her voice.” Rohl attended IVCC after an ATV accident that left her paralyzed.

Rohl told students about a Strategies for College class where she was asked to write a letter to a barrier: for her, that barrier was her paralysis and that assignment changed who she was as a person.

Rohl went on to graduate from IVCC and Aurora College. She also conducted an unsuccessful bid for the 16th District Congressional seat.

Students also learned about academic regalia and were welcomed by IVCC president Jerry Corcoran, vice president for learning and student development Lori Scroggs, and associate vice president for student services Tracy Morris.

After sessions to introduce students to the college culture, a picnic lunch and games were offered in the courtyard.