Budget process begins: Dean, some waivers to be cut

Marshal Herrmann, IV Leader Media Editor

In an effort to achieve a balanced budget, one dean position and some athletic waivers will be cut.
According to the Audit-Finance Committee’s April press release, the initial budget for fiscal 2014 will need to be reduced by about $900,000. IVCC President Jerry Corcoran noted that this is just a starting point of the annual budget process.
Elaine Novak, dean of Career and Technical Programs (CTP), was honorably dismissed in the April board meeting, effective June 30.
As a result of that position cut, the CTP division will merge with Continuing Education and Business Services (CEBS) to form a new Workplace Development Division.
Sue Isermann, the current associate vice president for career and technical education, will head this division under the title of associate vice president for Academic Affairs and dean of Workforce Development.
In addition to the reduction and reorganization, some athletic tuition waivers are also on the chopping block, according to school documents.
Corcoran estimated an approximate $20,000 to $25,000 reduction in athletic waivers.
“Nothing is final,” said Corcoran. “We will continue working on the budget over the next few months until a tentative budget is submitted to the board of trustees for approval in July.”