Three candidates running for two board spots


The three Board of Trustee candidates from left to right: Jane Goetz of Ottawa, Laurie Bonucci of Princeton and Brandon Evans of Oglesby.

Marshal Herrmann, Media Editor

Three candidates are competing for two open spots on the Board of Trustees. Jane Goetz of Ottawa, Laurie Bonucci of Princeton and Brandon Evans of Oglesby will all be on the April 9 ballot.

On Wednesday afternoon, the three candidates met in the fireplace lounge for an open forum sponsored by the College Democrats, College Republicans and Student Trustee Britney Burkart. Student Max Halm of the College Republicans served as moderator of the forum.

Jane Goetz
Mrs. Goetz currently serves as the IVCC Foundation Director and has been involved in education for over 40 years, including 17 as a high school principal. She has served nine years on the IVCC Foundation Board. She believes IVCC is the “crown jewel” of the Illinois Valley area and wants “to see more people recognizing all of the good work that is done here and the opportunities for students and the cost saving for families.”

Laurie Bonucci
Mrs. Bonucci is a farmer’s wife with a background in horticulture. She moved to the Illinois Valley in 1999 and has been active in the community since. She has participated in two capital campaign committees, helping to raise over $700,000 for the Princeton Public Library and $600,000 for the theater group in Princeton.

Brandon Evans
Mr. Evans is an electrician by trade. He believes there is more to education than balancing budgets or creating jobs, saying education should be looked at for its own value and merit. He wants to “venture in a path that opens up education to public in an easier way,” suggesting some basic courses to the public at no cost.