CTC construction on schedule for 2014 opening


A member of the construction crew works on a decorative part of the new CTC building. Construction crews are finishing up the outside and getting ready for internal building which will happen during the winter months.

Mitch Schafer, IV Leader staff

Construction on the new Peter Miller Community Technology Center (CTC) has been going strong now since the beginning of July, and it seems like this building is on schedule to be opened, well, on schedule.
At IVCC’s November 20th Board Meeting, President Jerry Corcoran updated the trustees by saying, “the project remains on schedule, and everything is going well.”  The Center is to be fully enclosed and heated by press time, so that construction on the inside can begin.  Corcoran updated everyone that the new maintenance building concrete floor, stoops and approach have been poured, and in the last addition of the building, three walls have been put into place.  Dr. Corcoran also added that the new geothermal field has been seeded, trees have been planted, and stone cropping has been finished
This is all great news for IVCC, considering that September 15, 2013 is the scheduled “date of substantial completion.”  In other words, that will be the day the Illinois Capital Development Board will turn the building over to IVCC.  Then, IVCC will start moving into the new building, and classes and departments throughout the building are expected to be fully operational for the Spring 2014 semester.
This 80,000-square-foot building will be home to the 600-seat Cultural Center, as well as classrooms, labs, conference rooms, offices, nine CTC career programs, and eight different departments; including Financial Aid, Admissions and the Counseling Center.
The current Counseling Center will serve as a ‘Student Life Space’ once the CTC building has been completed.  This space will be a designated place for students to hang out and socialize, rather than being in the Cafeteria.  There is expected to be half a dozen computers, a dozen tables, a billiards room, a ping pong room, and a room designated specifically for video games, in which there will hopefully be consoles already in the room with two TV’s.  There will also be a mini theatre with 15-20 seats and a large flat screen TV in the middle of the Counseling Center.
For more information on the CTC building and its progress, keep up with us at www.ivleader.com, or attend one of the monthly IVCC board meetings.