IVCC Foundation donors recognized by wall, ceremony

IVCC Foundation donors  recognized by wall, ceremony

IVCC Foundation donors (pictured from left) Joe Rutgens of Spring Valley and Bill and Dian Taylor of Winnetka take their first look at the updated donor display Thursday night. The wall shows the names of all the people who have donated to the IVCC Foundation for scholarships

The Illinois Valley Community College Foundation hosted a ceremony on Sept. 20 to unveil its refurbished donor wall near the entrance to the Counseling Center.
About 75 donors, Foundation directors and college personnel attended the rededication in the main lobby.
The 10’ x 4’ wooden exhibit displays the names of 176 individuals and organizations who have donated for scholarships and program improvements since the Foundation’s inception in 1976.
“Tonight we say thank you to our many donors by permanently engraving their names in a place of honor and distinction,” said Foundation President O.J. Stoutner.
Director of Community Relations and Development Fran Brolley credited IVCC President Jerry Corcoran for leading the effort to update the display.
“Jerry may be our 10th president but he is second to none in his commitment to our Foundation’s mission,” said Brolley.
In his remarks, Corcoran said, “Tonight is a celebration of the selfless individuals who have, for over 35 years, invested in the promise of our students and those who believe attending Illinois Valley Community College first is the smart move.
“Tonight is a celebration of the individuals who have provided over 3,300 of our students the opportunity to go to college, the opportunity to climb the ladder to success.” continued Corcoran. “Your names will now forever be linked to our college … and to the students’ lives you have changed forever.”
Stoutner encouraged donors to continue investing in IVCC students.
“Competition for scholarships has never been more intense and many worthy and hard-working students are denied awards due to a lack of funding. Please continue to do everything you can to lend a hand,” he said.
Brolley said the exhibit will remind college personnel and students of the individuals and organizations who have allowed the Foundation to invest nearly $2 million in scholarships to students of all ages, races and economic backgrounds.
He said it also memorializes leading benefactors such as Helen Taylor, Jim Ponti, Ralph Bowermaster, Durley Boyle, Watson Bartlett, Fritz Rabenstein, Nora and Mennow P. Smith, Joe Segaert, Edward and Joanne DeZwarte and Bill Strong.
“Though they may be gone from us, this display ensures they’ll long live in our memory.”