Spirit Day fun for all, rousing success


Spirit Day 2012 included tie-dye T-shirt making, pie-eating contests, giveaways and free pizza. Students (clockwise, from top left) were able to make molds of their hands in wax. Chem Club members made ice cream for students to taste. Buckets of colored sand were used to fill different shaped bottles from the table sponsored by the Gay-Straight Alliance. In the pie-eating contests, students competed to see who could eat a whipped cream pie in record time. Three caricature artists worked to create drawings of students. Many clubs, like SPAMO below, signed up new members and informed students about their clubs.

Matthew Gerding, IV Leader Editor

IVCC’s annual Spirit Day was held on Sept. 12. Clubs and organizations set up tables around the courtyard alongside fun event tables such as caricatures and wax hands.
Normally held in conjunction with New Student Convocation, it was decided to have Spirit Day as a separate event. Classes were not cancelled as they ordinarily would have been and some students thought that was a mistake.
“It was my first Spirit day at IVCC, and from what I heard about the previous
years this one was not as good. I still enjoyed it though, however still having
class was not as exciting,” says first year student Javier Lopez Martinez.

Spirit Day is mainly a chance for new students to get to know the various organizations available on campus. The clubs use it as way to get new members.

According to student Kadisah Parker, the variety of tables and activities was a big draw.

“Spirit Day was a good experience for me. The different types of vendors is what made me want to stay and attend. It was something very fun to do and it was worthwhile,” says Parker.

One of the major extras that students enjoy is the free pizza. Pizza was ordered form Papa John’s and handed out by the Country Catering. According to Cory Tomasson, coordinator of student activities, a lot of pizza was consumed. An initial order of 120 pizzas was gone in 39 minutes. An additional order of 30 pizzas was also completely devoured.

Ultimately the new Spirit Day was deemed a success.

“I think Spirit Day was very successful.” Tomasson states, “I have received many positive comments about holding the event in the Courtyard.  At first, I was a little apprehensive
about this location due to the lack of electricity and the small space compared
to the open field where we have held it in the past.  However, this was truly a
team effort and that is what made it successful.”

Parker agrees, “If we had Spirit Day more like once a month then I would gladly attend.”